Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Favorite Skin Care Products for Fall 2013

I'm kind of a dude-bro, but I have my ultra fem, girly feels and love skin care products and make up. Having skin issues sucks. I don't know about you, but I always wish I was like one of those girls with flawless skin, that can walk out of the house, never do anything to their face, and look all natural, dewey, fresh, beautiful and effortless. Ever since I turned 20 I've struggled with acne and really have to take care of my skin to keep my complexion clear. Thanks hormones. #Whatevez. Luckily, I've discovered this freaking awesome chemical peel that makes you feel like your skin is like a 12 year old's. It's always nice to write a product review about something you honestly really love. So here we go...

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Skin Renewal Facial Peel and Refeshing Facial Toner. The peel is unlike anything I've ever tried. It's a gel-like consistency, it's infused with Dead Sea Minerals, vitamin E and C, and is non-abrasive. I stopped using benzoyl peroxide and sugar scrubs after trying this because I felt like I didn't need it anymore. It is great for all skin types, and all ages. My mom and grandma tried it and they both absolutely love it. It's It is recommended you use it 3-4 times a week, but sometimes I do it every day... I'm not recommending that, but I'm seriously addicted to this stuff. The toner is enriched with Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract and Vitamins A & C. It's fresh and firming without being too drying. This is how I like to use these products:

Step 1: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. I usually use one that has salicylic acid in it. 

Step 2: Gently pat dry your face. Don't rub, it can irritate and inflame pimples and tugging on your skin stretches it out and causes premature aging. #aintnobodygottime. 

Step 3: Put about a dime sized amount of the Avani Facial Peel on to each section of your face. I like to do one section at a time.

Step 4: Gently rub facial peel into skin until you start feeling friction and notice that your dead skin, dirt and oil, is balling up and coming off your face instantly. It's cray. 

Step 5: Gently wipe the crusty bits off your face. They will be there. It's kinda gross and awesome same time. The only downside is that some of the product is a little difficult to remove from the little tiny hairs on your face but that's where the toner comes in.

Step 6: Apply Refreshing Facial Toner with a cotton pad to entire face. It helps remove the excess peel residue. 

Step 7: Use moisturizer of choice. I really like Clean and Clear daily moisturizer with salicylic acid. It's inexpensive, you buy it at Walgreens, and has been my jam since I was like 14. It's lightweight and fresh but it's also very moisturizing.

Seriously though guys, these Avani products are fan-freaking-tastic. I used to use a sugar scrub to exfoliate but this is way less harsh, doesn't make you red or irritated and works instantly. Over time, I notice it helping with scaring and hyper pigmentation. If I haven't used it in a while, I start noticing break outs. #Thestruggleisreal. If you're interested in more information about Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics, feel free to contact Megan Claiborne, at or call (918) 955-7983. Also if you're located in Tulsa, Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics are also available to purchase at Emy Couture, 9242 S. Sheridan.