Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flower Crown

Hay guise, I made a flower crownz. If I get requests for a tutorial I will gladly make one. Just call me "Lana Del Jade" 

We made a new friend. Luckily he wasn't an attack rabbit. 
but then he got jealous and stole my crown. looks pretty good on him I have to admit. So.. who do you think wore it better?

Flower crown - DIY (myself)..
Denim cut offs - DIY Lei garage sale
Pleated tuxedo front white,collared cotton shirt - Mom's.
Black platform lace-up open toe wedges - Steve Madden

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

You know what guys? My mom is cool. Even if she wasn't I'd love her anyway. I believe everyone should think of their mothers more than just one day a year, but since this is a day specifically dedicated to Mothers, I think it's appropriate to dedicate a blog post to my mom's awesomeness. She's the primary reason for my love and knowledge of the fashion industry and she inspires me more than any fashion icon or rock star. I prefer to do most things with her, especially shopping. I find it quite difficult to make a purchase without her final decision. Sometimes, I think we both secretly like to pretend we're sisters because neither of us has one. Most importantly, she has been and always will be there for me when I need her.

My mom, Jamil Gotcher modeling in Paris Haute Couture shows F/W 1990 for Lecoanet Hemant (left) and Jean Louis Scherrer (right) in the early 90's

In the French Alps for European Life and Travel

My Mom and me on my first modeling job for Mary Kay Cosmetics 

I love this black and white film contact sheet of my mom.

My mom and I backstage at Dallas Fashion Awards.

My mom is a professional photographer and takes all the photos for this blog. Jamil Gotcher Photography

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Leopard print and DIY studded shorts

Leopard print top - thrifted
Simple black stone necklace - Forever 21
Black denim studded and safety pinned cut off shorts - Forever 21 w/ DIY embellishments 
Black peep-toe platform wedge oxfords - Steve Madden 
Rings- Snake ring ALDO, silver and red ring and Forever 21

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jack White inspired style..(and the glorious moment that I met him)

 My biggest personal style influences are musicians and rock n roll. Particularly, the ones I fangirl over the most. One of my ultimate fan girl obsessions is Jack White.

1. Black stripe ponte jacket -
2. Black basic neppy tee - Topshop
3. Rag and Bone striped mid-rise skinny jeans -
4. Slit back stripe shirt - Topshop
5. J Brand Zoey cropped mid-rise skinny jeans -
6. Classic metal aviator sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
7. Alexander Wang Enzyme racer-back red silk tank -
8. ACE Pointed Chelsea Boots - Topshop
9.  Silk Military Style Shirt - Topshop
10. Black Bowler - Topshop
11. Tall Sleeveless Stripe Shirt - Topshop

I won't bore you with a novel of reasons why I admire him so much but, I will leave you with this special moment of when my hand grazed his lower back in his soft, black, pima cotton t-shirt that perfectly hugged his naturally awesome, without having to work out physic. I will tell you that we had about a 3 min conversation, and it was quite possibly one of the best 3 minutes of my existence and he is an incredibly cool person. Also, he said I smelled good...*le melts*

By the way check out Jack White's new album "Blunderbuss" because it RULES!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One shoulder Max and Cleo dress

This post is a bit delayed but this is what I wore on my birthday. It was April 26th. But here it is y'all.

Eggshell one shoulder chiffon dress - Max and Cleo
Nude metallic ankle strap shoes - Caparros (my mom's from the 90's)
Clutch - Forever 21

Saturday, May 5, 2012

90's (Kelly Kapowski) inspired style.

I, like many others, am in full on 90's revival mode. By that I mean I have been sitting in my computer chair bumping "Gin and Juice", pretending that my computer chair has hydraulics, drinking Tang, eating Fruit Roll Ups, all while LOLing at Zach Morris' cunning schemes on Saved by the Bell (the complete 1st season on dvd).

I decided to go outside and share the spirit of 90's with the rest of the world. Documented by Jamil Gotcher Photography.

Stopped at Tulsa's historic Weber's Root Beer stand for a burger. 

This frisbee is from 1990 y'all. 

Denim cut offs - DIY garage sale
Bleached Levi's denim vest - DIY thrifted
Black cotton bandeau top - Forever 21
Black and Neon Pink Wayfarer style glasses - found these a couple years ago in my yard after a party. nobody claimed them. lol
Shoes and Socks - Target