Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Turban Tulsa

My mom and I had loads of fun at the Tulsa State Fair. I especially enjoyed the part where people thought I was part of the freak show. With this outfit, I fit right in. I resisted eating our prop caramel apple until we were finished. 

No, monkey. You can't have my caramel apple. 

Burnt sienna suede skirt, turban, and black leather belt - Thrifted
White collared pleated front shirt - Borrowed from mom, also thrifted
Knee length cognac leather boots - Aldo

Also, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that my painting of Julian Casablancas won a 1st place ribbon in the competitive art exhibit in the Acrylic Portrait category. 

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  1. Ok girl, you are stunning!! I just used one of you pictures on my blog about flower crowns, I hope you don't mind!! I had it linked back to you however! Love your style!