Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Peach and Coral Spring 2013

Pretty in peach! Wahwahwaaaah. Peach is one of my new favorite colors for Spring '13. It's fresh and feminine and looks beautiful with every hair color and skin tone. Sometimes, it's okay to be ultra fem. Ya knaw 'mean? This Topshop blazer is reminiscent of a Donna Karan blazer that my mom had in the 90's. I would have been in possession of this blazer if a very rude certain someone who will remain nameless, hadn't purposely stuck her foot out and tripped my mom and made her spill red wine all over herself. That story sounds like something straight out of Mean Girls but it is totally true. So, thanks a lot "so-and-so". Because of you I don't have a beautiful, peach blazer to wear and create envy in other people with like it did with you. #Rude 

         Topshop     Blazer    Peach Sweater   Bikini

 Nasty Gal  2 piece dress  Zara  Shoe  Asos  Jeans 

 Asos Leopard sweater  Jeans  Car sweater  Shopbop Flats
Sephora   Nars lipstick  Saks  Acne Sunglasses 

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