Saturday, May 5, 2012

90's (Kelly Kapowski) inspired style.

I, like many others, am in full on 90's revival mode. By that I mean I have been sitting in my computer chair bumping "Gin and Juice", pretending that my computer chair has hydraulics, drinking Tang, eating Fruit Roll Ups, all while LOLing at Zach Morris' cunning schemes on Saved by the Bell (the complete 1st season on dvd).

I decided to go outside and share the spirit of 90's with the rest of the world. Documented by Jamil Gotcher Photography.

Stopped at Tulsa's historic Weber's Root Beer stand for a burger. 

This frisbee is from 1990 y'all. 

Denim cut offs - DIY garage sale
Bleached Levi's denim vest - DIY thrifted
Black cotton bandeau top - Forever 21
Black and Neon Pink Wayfarer style glasses - found these a couple years ago in my yard after a party. nobody claimed them. lol
Shoes and Socks - Target

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