Friday, May 11, 2012

Jack White inspired style..(and the glorious moment that I met him)

 My biggest personal style influences are musicians and rock n roll. Particularly, the ones I fangirl over the most. One of my ultimate fan girl obsessions is Jack White.

1. Black stripe ponte jacket -
2. Black basic neppy tee - Topshop
3. Rag and Bone striped mid-rise skinny jeans -
4. Slit back stripe shirt - Topshop
5. J Brand Zoey cropped mid-rise skinny jeans -
6. Classic metal aviator sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
7. Alexander Wang Enzyme racer-back red silk tank -
8. ACE Pointed Chelsea Boots - Topshop
9.  Silk Military Style Shirt - Topshop
10. Black Bowler - Topshop
11. Tall Sleeveless Stripe Shirt - Topshop

I won't bore you with a novel of reasons why I admire him so much but, I will leave you with this special moment of when my hand grazed his lower back in his soft, black, pima cotton t-shirt that perfectly hugged his naturally awesome, without having to work out physic. I will tell you that we had about a 3 min conversation, and it was quite possibly one of the best 3 minutes of my existence and he is an incredibly cool person. Also, he said I smelled good...*le melts*

By the way check out Jack White's new album "Blunderbuss" because it RULES!

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